Why You Should Use Food Delivery Services on Your Next Trip

After over 2 years living in hotels, I’m now staying in an Airbnb in New York. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to consistently cook, so I started using Plated. I get 3 meals each week which feeds 2 and all I need is salt, pepper, olive oil and standard cooking supplies.  Which made me think how perfect a meal delivery service would be on the road – it’s perfect for an Airbnb or extended stay hotel.


Here’s some options:

Meal Delivery Service like Plated, Blue Apron, or HelloFresh

Plated boxPlated: Available in all continental states. Minimum is 2 dinners for 2 people for $48.

Blue Apron: Available in all continental states. Minimum is 3 dinners for 3 people for $59.95.

HelloFresh: Available in all continental states. Minimum is 3 dinners for 2 people for $69.

I use Plated but the services all tend to be very similar in that you choose your meals ahead of time (rotating recipes every week), you get a delivery with all recipes in packaging that will keep your food cool even if you aren’t home.

Most programs also offer vegetarian options and will indicate if a recipe is gluten free so this could be helpful if you have trouble eating while traveling.

Plated literally sends me everything – little packets of flour, small containers of cooking wine, etc. so this is perfect because it doesn’t require you to buy a lot of ingredients. All I’ve needed to provide is olive oil and salt & pepper.

Ingredients with labels
Ingredients with labels

All plans also are easy to cancel or skip a week so it can fit your schedule and travels.



Instacart is a brilliant app that lets you order groceries and have them delivered to your home or hotel! It’s not available everywhere yet so you’ll have to check your zip but they do deliver in a lot of big cities.

You get a choice of stores ranging from Costco (no membership required!), Whole Foods, Petco, and local grocery stores. You shop in the app and delivery is available in as little as an hour.

This is a great option when staying at a hotel or Airbnb. I used to head to Whole Foods every Monday, grabbing an Uber and stocking up on snacks and frozen meals. Using the app saves you a ton of time and can save you tons of money.

Get free delivery with this code. 


The Uber of food delivery. DoorDash has saved me in a few cities where GrubHub or Seamless weren’t available. It also opens up your delivery options, including McDonald’s and other fast food type places.

You place the order in the app, your DoorDasher picks it up and then brings it to you. So easy!


Liquor Delivery – Drizly and Minibar

And now we have alcohol delivery! Located in quite a few US cities (and a few in Canada!), you can order beer, wine and liquor AND in most places, it will arrive in 20-40 MINUTES. You will have to be home though to accept the delivery in case they need to check your ID.

In order to booze, you can also order mixers, ice and plastic cups. It really is the perfect app for throwing a party.


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