Why I Love Rover

Rover.com is a website where you can find and book dog walkers and pet sitters in thousands of cities. The site has made my life incredibly easy on the road and here’s how:

Taken from Rover.com
Taken from Rover.com

Sitters in Every City

Even when I can’t find a doggie daycare nearby, I always know there’s a dog walker nearby. I’ve even gotten lucky with dog walkers in the same block! I simply enter in my zip code, and the site will show me all the walkers that are close by. You can filter your search based on what days you need them, what service (includes boarding & house sitting), and even if they have another pet.


Very Easy to Use

Once I’ve chosen a dog walker based on their profile, I send them a message and any replies are sent via text to my phone. I’ll usually schedule a meet and greet so they can meet Bruno and get a key to my room. Since I live in hotels, I can always ask for another key or add them to my room so they can grab a key from the front desk. They take Bruno out while I’m gone, and I come home to a happy pup.


Saves the Stress

Since I don’t need to let them in, I can be at work or out and about and know that Bruno is being taken care of. Doggie daycare is great, but can be stressful getting him to and from. Rover takes that away with the dog walkers coming to me.



WDon34O1b4rzMany of the dog walkers send me photo updates of their adventures with Bruno. I always love a cute photo.


Other Pets

Bruno & Ollie at the dog park
Bruno & Ollie at the dog park

Some walkers have other dogs and I’m always happy for them to bring their pet along to play with Bruno. It’s a bonus getting a walk AND a play date. For example, in Denver Bruno had a playdate with a dog walker’s own dog who also took them to the dog park for a very fun day.


I love Rover and if you travel with your pet (or even in your own hometown!), Rover can really save your life. What do you with your pet while you’re gone?

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