When the Weather Sucks on Your Trip

Tips for what to do when the weather is rainy, snowy, too cold or hot on your trip.

For awhile the weather was not the best for me – going from 120 degree days to 60 and rainy has made it a little difficult getting out and seeing the cities I’m in. Here’s some tips for when the weather is blah – whether it be the middle of winter and 0 degrees, raining or just way too hot.


Research the Weather Ahead of Time

Once your tickets are bought, there’s not much you can do BUT you can research the weather day by day AND by hour. Make a list of everything you want to do and if there’s a day that might be a little nicer, plan it then. Also, if it’s going to rain but not in the morning, then get your butt up at dawn and take a disco nap later when it’s raining. (BONUS: the touristy things will be less crowded that early anyways!)


Take Advantage of Indoor Activities

Check out museums, go to great restaurants or do a bar crawl. Find the tallest building and go to the top for great views of the city. (Pro-Tip: In Chicago, go to the bar at the top of the Hancock vs. the observation deck. The drinks might be a little pricey but you’ll still get the views AND you get a drink out of it).


Take a Hop On & Hop Off Tour Bus

Book one of those cheesy buses that will drive you around to all the tourist attractions. On those open air double decker buses you can choose to stay dry on the lower level or take a complimentary poncho and ride on top. You’ll still get to see everything but you can do so with minimal weather interaction.


Take Uber or Taxis to your Destination

If you’re still keen on sucking it up in the bad weather, take an Uber or a Taxi rather than walk to your destination. This is also a great time to ask a local tips on what to do (or what’s not worth your time).



If you’re on vacation, this is a fabulous time to do what you came to do – relax. Whether it be a spa day or simply hanging out in your hotel room with some room service, this is the perfect time to stay indoors and give yourself some R&R. In Tempe the temperatures soared past 100 degrees (and at that temp, “it’s a dry heat” does not work as an excuse). To stay cool, I took the time to check out the amazing Arizona spas AND hang out at the pool. AND I had some gorgeous desert views.


Suck It Up

Dress for the weather and get out there. In Vancouver it was misting a little but I managed to get out the rain coat and umbrella and still walk around a bit. The only time I would not suggest this is if it’s going to be dangerous to you. In 100+ temps in Tempe, I would NOT be doing anything outside.

What are some of your bad weather ideas?


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