Travel Roundup 5.19.17


  1. Adult summer camps are a thing and should totally be your vacay this summer

Feeling nostalgic about your childhood camp days? Well, adult summer camps are popping up and could be the perfect vacation for you this summer.


  1. The rumors aren’t true

After some speculation that Europe was jumping on the laptop ban-wagon (ha), the rumors are not true and you can keep on using your laptops on those flights.


  1. Italy will give you a castle for free

Italy has been reeking of some desperation lately. First, the town of Bormida offered up $2100 to move there. Then this week, the country announced it’s giving away over 100 historic buildings (including castles) as long as you plan to turn it into a tourist destination like a hotel. New career, maybe?

Courtesy of Wikipedia
  1. Customs declaration: A kitten?!

A US couple hiking Macchu Picchu found a homeless, scared kitten and after discovering there weren’t any animal shelters to take her, brought her home on their flight to the US.

Courtesy of People / Hannah Shaw


Travel Deal of the Week: Here’s a deal that even I considered – $526 round trip from NYC to the MALDIVES. Flights often cost over $1500 so this is a pretty incredible deal.





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