Travel Roundup 5.12.17

  1. Fly like it’s 1999

The electronics ban that was announced in March for flights originating in Africa and the Middle East might be expanding to Europe. Which means you’ll be back to paperback novels and crossword puzzles like they used to do in the old days before iPads and laptops.


  1. (No) Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park in Montana is losing its glaciers, having lost 85% of its size in the last 50 years. Scientists estimate they’ll be completely gone by the end of the century. And it’s happening everywhere. So it looks like now’s the time to head to the parks!

Courtesy of the US National Park Service
  1. A boy’s quest for free chicken nuggets gets him a free flight

A 16-year old boy just got himself a free flight on United after tweeting Wendy’s asking for a year of free chicken nuggets. So in United’s quest for some much needed good publicity, they challenged him to 18 million retweets for a free flight to any Wendy’s in the world (that they fly to of course). He didn’t quite make 18 million RT but he did break the record with 3.5 million RT (the last record was held by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars) and they still gave him the flight. No word yet on those nuggs though.

Courtesy of Wendy’s
  1. The best beaches in the world are in….

Spain. Turns out they’ve got 579 beaches and have ranked the best since 1987. Greece came in second.


  1. Largest Michelangelo exhibit ever coming to NYC

The Met just announced that a huge Michelangelo show is coming to NYC this fall, running from November 13th to February 18th, 2018. It will be the largest Michelangelo exhibit ever with pieces coming from across America and Europe.

Deal of the Week: Check out the world’s best beaches with a flight from New York to Palma de Mallorca Spain for $374



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