Travel Roundup 4.28.17

  1. United is trying reeeeeeal hard to get back your business

ICYMI (which you probably didn’t), earlier this month, a video went viral of a passenger literally being dragged off a plane and images of his bloody face. Not great. Then the United CEO released a statement passing all blame on the passenger. Not surprisingly, #BoycottUnited went viral.

So now United has released a 10-point plan to get back your business, including offering up to $10,000 compensation for giving up your seat. Better?


  1. Recharge by the minute

Recharge, an app that allows you to book hotels by the minute (for you know what) is expanding to NYC. According to its website, it’s great for things like taking a shower or a power nap.


  1. Nike and Converse have teamed up to create the perfect shoe
Courtesy of Nike & Travel and Leisure

Classic Converse Chuck Taylor’s have been my go-to shoe for a long time BUT might not offer the best support for a lot of walking. Now Nike and Converse have teamed up to create a shoe that looks like a Converse but with the comfort of a Nike Flyknit. These shoes are perfect for your casual travel shoe that’ll look great with any outfit. I can’t wait to get my hands on one (and they come in 6 different colors!).

  1. You’ll never have to see those awful TMZ videos of celebrities at LAX again

Forbes just released a first look into the new Celebrity Terminal at LAX. It’s got its own TSA screening and located in a converted cargo facility to avoid the paparazzi. It’s got a hefty price tag too – $7,500 for an annual membership fee.


  1. See Chihuly work up close at the New York Botanical Garden
Courtesy of The New York Botanical Garden

A new exhibit of Dale Chihuly’s glass installations just opened at the NYBG last weekend and is on display until October 29, 2017. Special events associated with the work are available on the weekends, as well as nighttime events with illuminated artwork. Check out my review here.


Deal of the Week: Delta SFO>HKG for $619 roundtrip

Courtesy of Fodor’s




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