Travel Roundup 6.16.17

Travel Roundup 6.16.17
  1. Dear Evan Hansen is the show to see

The Tony Awards were this past Sunday and Dear Evan Hansen took home the top honor of Best Musical (as well as Leading Actor and a few other awards). Hello, Dolly and Bette Midler also won big. Check out my guide to getting tickets here.

Dear Evan Hansen
Courtesy of show’s website
  1. Parlez-vous Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee just voted Paris to host the summer Olympics in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. 2024 will be the 100th anniversary of the last time Paris hosted the Olympics. 2028 will be when Trump is for sure out of the White House (assuming he would win 2020 and be in office in 2024).

Olympic Rings
Courtesy of Wikipedia
  1. Get locked up for a night…for fun

You can now stay the night in refurbished prisons in the Netherlands. Empty prisons are being turned into hotels and they actually look quite nice. Het Arresthuis is one and it’s got an industrial-boutique feel.

Het Arresthuis
Courtesy of Het Arresthuis
  1. British Airways massive meltdown has a massive paycheck

Last month, British Airways had a massive IT failure, which caused flights out of London airports to be cancelled for a few days. Now it’s coming out that it cost the company over $100 million and counting. Ouch.



  1. Southwest revolutionizing the de-planing process

Southwest is experimenting with using two doors for passengers exiting its planes. The idea is that it will get passengers off the planes faster. It’s currently being tested out in Sacramento and San Jose. My only question is when this will be available on all flights.

Courtesy of Southwest

Travel Deal of the Week: The play Oslo took home the Tony Award for Best Play. In its honor, travel from SFO to Oslo, Norway for $578 roundtrip and see the real city.

Photo from Playbill


Travel Roundup 5.26.17

Travel Roundup 5.26.17


  1. Aloha, Southwest!

Southwest Airlines announced plans this week to expand flights to Hawaii from the West Coast. No specific dates yet but it’s amazing news as flights will get cheaper to the big island.

  1. Attention passengers: your pilot could be a king

It just came out that the Dutch King has been piloting commercial flights for the last 21 years. And no one knew. During that time, he flew for KLM and Martinair.


  1. Beware of falling rocks

A section of the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway is closed due to a massive landslide. They’ve had an unusual amount of rain recently and small landslides are common so this area was already closed. However, this landslide will take a long time to clear so TBA on when the road will reopen.

Views on the PCH from my road trip last year


  1. Disney trumps Trump

Disney’s Hall of Presidents might be making a change due to our current president. Despite many petitions, Bob Iger has confirmed that Trump’s bust will be included but it’s unclear whether he’ll have a speaking role, like Obama did. Instead, the attraction might be going back to the old format where only Abraham Lincoln speaks.

  1. The Bellagio Fountains might by drying up

Rumors are swirling that the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas will be turned into a shopping promenade. The Fountains are famous, drawing tourists to view the show, however it doesn’t exactly make the casino much money and takes up a lot of space. But don’t freak out yet, the rumors have not been confirmed.

Photo taken from Bellagio website


Travel Deal of the Week: Flights from the US to Europe are crazy cheap right now. Travel this summer from multiple US cities for $403 roundtrip.