Travel Roundup 6.16.17

Travel Roundup 6.16.17
  1. Dear Evan Hansen is the show to see

The Tony Awards were this past Sunday and Dear Evan Hansen took home the top honor of Best Musical (as well as Leading Actor and a few other awards). Hello, Dolly and Bette Midler also won big. Check out my guide to getting tickets here.

Dear Evan Hansen
Courtesy of show’s website
  1. Parlez-vous Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee just voted Paris to host the summer Olympics in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. 2024 will be the 100th anniversary of the last time Paris hosted the Olympics. 2028 will be when Trump is for sure out of the White House (assuming he would win 2020 and be in office in 2024).

Olympic Rings
Courtesy of Wikipedia
  1. Get locked up for a night…for fun

You can now stay the night in refurbished prisons in the Netherlands. Empty prisons are being turned into hotels and they actually look quite nice. Het Arresthuis is one and it’s got an industrial-boutique feel.

Het Arresthuis
Courtesy of Het Arresthuis
  1. British Airways massive meltdown has a massive paycheck

Last month, British Airways had a massive IT failure, which caused flights out of London airports to be cancelled for a few days. Now it’s coming out that it cost the company over $100 million and counting. Ouch.



  1. Southwest revolutionizing the de-planing process

Southwest is experimenting with using two doors for passengers exiting its planes. The idea is that it will get passengers off the planes faster. It’s currently being tested out in Sacramento and San Jose. My only question is when this will be available on all flights.

Courtesy of Southwest

Travel Deal of the Week: The play Oslo took home the Tony Award for Best Play. In its honor, travel from SFO to Oslo, Norway for $578 roundtrip and see the real city.

Photo from Playbill


How to Shop at Trader Joe’s on the Road

How to Shop at Trader Joe’s on the Road

Trader Joe’s has a major cult following and I’m definitely one of them. I became a fan of them in college due to their cheap prices BUT it has also come in handy on the road where I can stock up on frozen foods to heat up in my hotel room. I have been known to arrive in a new city and head to Trader Joe’s right away. Here are some of my faves:


Frozen Foods

They’ve got a huge selection of frozen meals that you can easily heat up in your hotel microwave. Cult faves include their guilt free Mac and cheese and Indian food.

Indian Food
Trader Joe’s makes amazing Indian food. So much so that I rarely ever order Indian because I can get it cheaper at Trader Joe’s. I love their Paneer Tikka Masala for a vegetarian option but it’s all good. The Naan doesn’t have microwave instructions but I’ve made it work in a pinch if I really need it to go with my meal.

Frozen Fruit
If you’re a fan of smoothies, they have a great frozen fruit selection to throw in yours. I like the Very Cherry blend.

Trader Joe’s has an amazing cheese spread and I have been known to make a cheese & charcuterie plate for dinner. My favorite is the Unexpected Cheddar (which was just voted Favorite Cheese in TJ’s Annual Customer Choice Awards) but I don’t know that I’ve ever had a bad cheese from TJ’s.

Hard Boiled Eggs
TJ’s sells a bag of pre-hard boiled eggs. This is a great item for a grab and go breakfast.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
These are O.M.G. delicious. I’m a sucker for peanut butter AND dark chocolate plus the upgrade on Reese’s isn’t terrible. You can either get them in the plastic containers or a smaller “snack” pack which is usually around the registers.

Dried Fruit & Nuts

I’m obsessed with TJ’s Dried Fruit. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also so much cheaper than you can get anywhere else. I’m obsessed with their Dried Mango – it’s only $2.99 compared to $6.99 most other places.

I have to include TJ’s Soy Chorizo just because it’s one of their most amazing products and even meat lovers have enjoyed my creations with this product. Now I’ve never used it in the microwave but am considering an experimentation. My usually go-to requires a hot plate so is best for an extended-stay style hotel.

On the Shelves

Coconut Oil
It’s no secret that Coconut Oil is trending (or even past trending) right now. But that’s because it’s an incredibly versatile product and therefore is a fantastic product to travel with. Not only can you use it in cooking (replacing olive oil, butter, you name it), you can also use it as a moisturizer, makeup remover, lip balm, you name it.

I also love to carry ghee as an alternative to coconut oil for cooking. Since it’s basically unrefrigerated butter, it tastes amazing on bread and is perfect for my go to breakfast of eggs on avocado toast.

Raw Honey
In addition to their standard Raw Honey, TJ’s carries a local raw honey which is supposed to help with allergies. For the first year of traveling, I constantly had allergies due to exposure to new plants and flowers. Local raw honey is a great product to pick up to prevent allergies.

Protein bars
TJ’s has a great selection of protein bars. I love Larabars and Epic Bars for a Paleo-friendly dose of protein but they’ve also got GoMacro Bars (peanut butter chocolate chip is my fave). These are great to have on hand when you’re traveling.

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