Road Trip Bathroom Stops that are NOT Gas Stations

Guide to clean bathrooms while on a road trip. No gross gas stations, lots of unique ideas for stops.

We’ve all experienced some pretty grubby bathrooms while on the road. I’m certainly not proud about some of the places I’ve peed – including one Turkish toilet in a rest stop somewhere in France!

Here are my tips on finding a clean bathroom for you to use on your travels:



This one is pretty obvious. Starbucks tends to have clean restrooms and it’s also the perfect caffeine break while on the road. It’s generally a good idea to purchase something but they tend to be easy to find in case you want to dart in and out.


Hotel Lobbies

Most hotel lobbies have bathrooms on the first floor or at least by the conference rooms. The trick to this is you have to look like you’re staying at the hotel. So generally your best bet is to try to find the bathroom yourself rather than ask the staff.


New Rest Stops/Welcome Centers

Rest stops will always have reasonable bathrooms but the newer locations will have better facilities i.e. hands free so you don’t have to worry about what scummy germs you’ll be picking up. There are a few apps out there that can help you find them and what amenities the stops have but reviews or year built could be helpful. RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder and USA Rest Stops look like good options.


Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s

Grocery stores tend to have bathrooms but I’ve found WF & TJ’s tend to have the nicest. If you can find one close to the highway, you’re in luck.



This outdoor chain has huge stores and tends to be conveniently located off the highway. I haven’t scoped out this tip, but I’ve heard they have nice, clean rest rooms.



A lot of museums have bathrooms pre-admission. This is also a great option for a break between driving.



This Texas chain has even received awards for the cleanliness of their bathrooms. They’re also quite entertaining – huge stores with lots of fun things to look at and buy. The New Braunfels location is the largest convenience store in the world.


Yelp Reviews

When in doubt, Yelp it! Surprisingly, there are rest stops on Yelp and yes, people have reviewed them. Find the rest stop ahead via an app and check the cleanliness (and possibly photos on Yelp).


Do you have any other tips?


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