Review: Red Door flagship spa in NYC

The iconic Elizabeth Arden opened her first Red Door Spa in 1910. Now the brand has locations all over the country but the 5th Avenue location is the flagship. It’s a 21,000 square foot spa with two levels of treatment rooms and a penthouse terrace.

My husband has been working on the new Broadway musical War Paint, which is the story of Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein. So for my birthday, he surprised me with a gift card so I could get some pampering.

Christine Ebersole in the Broadway musical War Paint
Photo courtesy of War Paint

The Space

It’s pretty traditional in spa-sense. The locker rooms are pretty standard with amenities including hair dryers, lotion, etc. The women’s locker room also including a steam room but nothing else in terms of included activities.

locker room
Photo courtesy of Red Door Spas

The coed relaxation room has comfortable chairs and soothing lighting, plus stocked lemon water and tea bags. No snacks and the tea selection is sad. I ended up arriving to the spa very early and hung out in the relaxation room for about 30 minutes so I grabbed some magazines to read.

relaxation room
Photo courtesy of Red Door Spas

The Robes

The robe was definitely a bit used. The inner lining wasn’t as soft as it looked like it once was (a bit scratchy) and I wish there were pockets. The shoes provided were one size fits all but I’m guessing you can ask the locker room attendant for a larger size if needed.

Spa robe

The Massage

I started with an 80-minute Red Door Signature Massage with Kimberly. She led me upstairs to a sunlit filled penthouse which has multiple massage rooms. I was in the New York room which also had an amazing tub (which, sadly I did not get to use). The massage was incredible. She paid extra attention to my neck and shoulders, which I pointed out at the beginning. After she finished on each body part, she applied a heated towel which was heavenly. My favorite part was the facial massage followed by a heated neck wrap and eye pillow.

Kimberly said the 80-minute massage is best and she often feels rushed on 50-minute massages. I have also felt a bit disappointed in the past and the 80-minute was perfect.

The Facial

Next, Natasha performed my facial and was a real pro. She’s been working at the spa for 33 years. I was booked for the Arden Standard Facial but after checking out my skin, she recommended adding on microcurrency and an enzyme. After some discussion, I decided to just add the microcurrency, which is a gentler microdermabrasion. It did not hurt and I saw results instantly. Natasha showed me my complexion in the mirror multiple times so I could see how my skin was reacting. Thankfully, my sensitive skin behaved and there was no redness. I left with an extremely glow-y complexion.



Outside spa

Overall, the spa was a nice experience with really great treatments. However, for the price I wish there were more amenities to enjoy and draw out the experience.


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Review of Elizabeth Arden's flagship luxury Red Door day spa on 5th Avenue in NYC. Description of massage and facial services as well as amenities.




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  1. Great detailed​ post. I feel just like you said pricing and aminites provided go hand in hand. Thankfully the main services are good. So it was a nice experience

  2. Interesting about how they didn’t focus on providing better robes. The interior looks amazing and at east the massage was great.

  3. I’m not really into spa, I find it kind of boring… but i must say this one looks lovely! what does your husband do on the musical? Never heard of this show before!

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