Hotel Cooking 101: Overnight Oats

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It’s fairly often that I’ll check in to a hotel without a microwave and sometimes even a fridge. But I’ve found a way to still make breakfast in my room and that’s through the no cook overnight oats. Here are my tips:



-Oats – I like to buy packets of oats which are super easy to travel and last a long time.

-Almond Milk – I love New Barn which you can buy at Whole Foods. It doesn’t have a lot of processed crap that a lot of almond milks contain. If you don’t have a fridge, Silk makes single serving almond milk that doesn’t require refrigeration. They’re easy to travel as well.

Image from New Barn website
Image from New Barn website

-Container – All Pinterest pages will show a Mason jar but since I travel Tupperware, I just use that. You can probably even steal a bowl from the hotel breakfast and make it in that if you’re desperate.

-Toppings – I love berries but you can get really creative with this.

-Chia Seeds (optional) – this really beefs up the oatmeal if you prefer less runny oatmeal plus it adds a lot of great fiber.


How to:

The night before: Combine one packet of oatmeal and 1 cup almond milk in a container. Cover and place in the fridge overnight. If you don’t have a fridge, you can place on a little ice in your ice bucket.

-In the morning: take out of the fridge and top with your favorite toppings. My favorites are blackberries or banana and walnuts. With the almond milk, I don’t feel the need for a sweetener but feel free to add something if you need it.


So easy!


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