Dietary Restrictions on the Road

Tips for traveling with dietary restrictions. Special food diets include gluten free, Paleo, Whole30, vegan, vegetarian and allergies.

As someone who has been vegetarian, gluten free and tried many an elimination diet, I know that it can be tough finding food that suits your diet on the road. On the Newsies tour, we’ve also had multiple people who were gluten free, vegetarian and lactose free so I’ve picked up a few tips along the way.


Know Your Chains

A lot of chain restaurants offer dedicated gluten free menus or put a label next to an item. While it’s not the most exciting thing to travel and stick to a chain you can get at home, at least you know that you’ll have something you can eat.

Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and PF Chang’s are a couple restaurants that have dedicated gluten free menus.


Call Ahead

A person with Celiac Disease on the tour used to call ahead to restaurants to ask about their gluten free availabilities. He seemed to have good luck talking to the hostess to determine what options he could eat.


Ask the Waiter

If you are unsure, always ask the waiter. Even if they don’t know, they can ask the chef who would know more about the ingredients going into your meal. Don’t take the chance and end up sick from your meal. Make sure to also let them know ahead of time that you have an allergy so nothing sneaks in.


Go on Yelp

When researching for an upcoming trip, I always like to search Yelp by typing in “gluten free” or whatever dietary concern I have. This has led me to some great Gluten Free options and also told me where to avoid by reading the reviews.


Bring Your Own Food

A friend of mine with a gluten intolerance often travels to Asia where she has a lot of trouble finding foods she can eat. She likes to travel canned tuna and other food items she knows she can eat so she doesn’t have to worry.

I also like to cook my own meals and will go to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods where I know the products. Even in a hotel room, I can get creative.


Be Creative

Ask for a bun-less burger or order all the veggies on bread at Subway. Just because it’s not on the menu, doesn’t mean you can’t ask the chef to prepare your meal a certain way.


On the Plane

If you’re traveling on a flight with a meal, make sure you request your special meal ahead of time. They surprisingly have tons of options plus you’ll get fed first.


How do you get by traveling with a dietary restrictions?

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