Bruno’s Hotel Must Haves

Bruno's Hotel Must Haves. Tips for pet friendly travel including what to look for in a hotel and chains that accept dogs.

Hi, guys! It’s Bruno here! My mommy is super busy filming a movie or something here in LA so I thought I’d write a guest post about what I like in a hotel!


The Room

First of all, we need a really big comfy bed for both my mommy and daddy to sleep in. I like to sleep in between them but sometimes I like to sleep at the end so it needs to be able to fit all 3 of us.

  IMG_2606 There should also be LOTS of pillows. I love to sleep on the pillows in the middle of the day because they smell like my parents and sometimes I’ll even bury myself in the big pillow pile! So a least 4 for sure.

IMG_2869I also need a nice big armchair because I’m a small guy. I need to use a chair to get up on the bed all by myself. Plus, an armchair is nice if I want to sleep on that. I like lots of options.

IMG_2508Floor to ceiling windows are great so that I can look outside when I’m home alone. I also love long curtains that I can hide in.

IMG_3253I prefer a shower in the bathroom so that I can go in and drink water leftover from mommy’s shower. I really don’t like bathtubs because that means mommy is going to give me a bath and water is yucky!

I’d also like a fridge because that’s where my parents put my wet food and sometimes tasty things like CHEESE. OH MY GOD CHEESE! And sometimes they have deli meat in there too which is also really tasty.


The Hotel

I really hate slippery floors. They make me really nervous that I’m going to fall. So I prefer carpet. I like to run fast on carpet! If it’s a short hotel, I’m happy being close to the stairwell otherwise I need to be close to the elevator. But it can’t stop on any other floors otherwise I’ll try to run out!

There should be a grassy area right outside the door for me to pee on. And lots of doggy smells. I like to smell the other dogs.

I also really like doormen. They’re nice and open the door for me and sometimes they have treats and water bowls.

I really don’t need that much in a hotel but those things make me really happy! So if all hotels could have that, that would be great!

Bruno's Hotel Must Haves. Tips for pet friendly travel including what to look for in a hotel and chains that accept dogs.


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